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​Quality Control

The hall mark of our success has been to supply consistently quality concrete designed to BS or ASTM specifications. Statistical measures such as standard deviation and frequency distribution help us to maintain our standards to ensure that the right strength is always achieved. At CCPL we believe in achieving the pinnacle of quality in all that we do. We are thus committed to continuously providing uncompromised quality products and excellent quality service.

CCPL brings to the forefront its full complement of trained professionals with over one hundred years of combined experience in the concrete and concrete pumping industry with emphasis on Total Quality Management (TQM).

Batching System Main Plant:- The batching process is fully automated, and is controlled by the latest Command Alkon Concrete Batch Controller. Cement, coarse and fine aggregate, water and admixtures are all weighed by this computer before being released into the concrete mixers. All scales and weighing equipment are calibrated every 3 months to ensure accurate weighing of materials.

Backup Batching System 2:- This backup batching plant is controlled by a fully automated CB-2 batch controller by Rice Lake Weighing Systems. It can control all functions as the batching system in the main plant.

Testing:- Testing is done in house and on site for our quality control. However, the customer may request test results, and for testing to be carried out on site.
Customers can also make a request for the cubes or cylinders, so that they can carry out their
own testing (surcharge may be applicable ; Enquire within)